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City of Houston
Because of your group’s commitment, once-deteriorating apartment communities that might have been lost are now fully and tastefully functional….This has not only ensured the very survival of neighborhoods, but also…even their turnaround into viable communities.
–Bob Lanier
Mayor, Houston, TX
Commenting on the transformation of over 10,000 distressed apartments

Vita Pakt Citrus Products Co.
I always admired the way Maxwell built and then ran the company: He was so smart about leveraging discounted buys and locking in handsome returns. Most importantly, he would always do the right thing for his investors. He also always brought his family members in as LPs along with the rest of us. Good strategy, good business.
—Bill Robinett
Chairman & CEO (Emeritus)
Vita Pakt Citrus Products Co. (40 year legacy investor)

Wells Fargo Bank
In a working relationship that spans 15 years—commencing with my tenure at Wells Fargo Bank and the assistance rendered to the Drever turnarounds in Seattle—I have observed a consistent application of fundamentals in locating undervalued properties and enhancing them to values that achieve excellent investment returns. Drever’s track record has not been based upon speculation or extraordinary luck, but stubborn adherence to a proven formula and, perhaps, a little bit of luck.
—E. Michael Begovich
Senior Vice President, Credit Risk Management
Bank of the West

Berkadia Commercial Mortgage
One of the largest commercial mortgage underwriters in the country
The team that has been assembled is one of the most motivated, diligent, and focused teams that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When the team sets its sights on a deal, the certainty of execution is never in question. In summary, the team consistently delivers a high quality asset that will be impeccably maintained. The “Dreverizing” process creates a quality living environment for tenants while maximizing the return for investors.
—Brant C. Smith
Senior Vice President
Berkadia Commercial Mortgage

Guaranty Bank
My association as a banker with the Drever group began in the late 1980s. While I admire Drever’s apartment marketing innovations and skills, and indeed their performance has been stellar, I also admire the understated and almost “old fashioned” way they conducted their business with us, i.e., a full banking relationship. In a manner of speaking, Drever mastered the art of “under-promising and over-performing,”
—David Bell
Senior VP/Division Manager CBRE

Freddie Mac
If all of borrowers were like the Drevers, lenders would have significantly lower losses.”
—Ed Gagermeier
SE Region Producer
Freddie Mac

Apartment Realty Advisors
Maxwell and his organization overcame the distressed recession conditions in the Ferguson submarket and in the DFW market and was able to safeguard his lender and preserve all of his investor’s equity. In those worst of times, I’m convinced anyone else would have lost that property.
—Brian O’Boyle
ARA (Apartment Realty Advisors)

One of the largest apartment REITs in the country.
You may have heard that my regard for you and your highly professional team led to my coinage of the term “Dreverizing.” I use it to describe the value creation process of finding tired and worn properties and then transforming them into high performance assets.
—Terry Considine

City of Alpharetta
Through hard work and financial commitment of Concierge Asset Management, Governor’s Point Apartment’s path to decline was reversed. The development, now known as Huntington Farm Apartments, has been completely refurbished, is well-maintained and secure, once again.
The Huntington Farm Apartments have become a positive precedent and an attribute to the City of Alpharetta.
—Arthur G. Letchas
Mayor of Alpharetta (Atlanta MSA)