Dietmar Foth-Willmann
Drever Capital Management, LLC
Assistant Accountant

Dietmar was born and raised in the former German Democratic Republic (the communist Part of Germany). After the Wall was down he went to the Western Part of Germany and received his Associate degree in tax accounting in 1994 with the Chamber of Tax Consultants, Lower Saxony, Germany

Dietmar worked for several CPA firms in Hamburg, Germany.  He made his first contacts with investment funds back then with specializing in shipping funds for funding container vessels. Before he founded his own accounting company in Hamburg, Dietmar specialized in accounting for artist and international taxation.  He also co-founded an investment and management company for Real Estate in Germany and in California.

Dietmar moved to the US in 2011 and before joining DCM, he invested in a company that imports German candy into the USA.

He is a passionate cook, loves a good glass of wine, plays golf and loves to ride (dirtbikes) motorbikes.

Contact: | 415.789.1773