Edward Baker
Drever Capital Management, LLC
Chief Financial Officer

Edward Baker is Drever Capital Management’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for all financial and operational aspects of DCM’s investments, properties and funds.

He held the same position at Concierge prior to its merger with Crossbeam Holdings, LLC.

Edward has extensive experience and expertise in corporate and real estate acquisition, deal evaluation and negotiation, budgeting, financial control, financial management, and risk evaluation and management.

He is an English Chartered Accountant, qualifying in 1986.

While in the U.K., he served as CFO of a residential mortgage lender with $3 billion in on-book assets. Prior to that, he served as CFO of one of the U.K.’s largest privately owned Internet service providers.

Edward has also worked in corporate finance with the U.K.’s largest residential real estate brokerage company where he led the team that acquired a real estate brokerage branch network of 300 retail outlets.

Moving to the U.S. in 2003, Edward served as a Principal and CFO in two commercial property ventures. He joined Concierge in 2005.

Edward earned both his Master’s and his Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Cambridge.

Contact: edward@drever.net | 415.789.1773