We aim to invest between $3 million to $25 million in equity capital per transaction. Our preference is for both larger value-add senior housing and apartment portfolio transactions.

We are seeking:

      • Challenged ±100-unit senior housing communities
      • 1990 and newer construction
      • Located near vibrant retail or medical facilities
      • Properties with no shared bathrooms
      • Real estate viable for the workforce retiree community

In addition we are open to:

  • Senior housing Sponsor/Co-GP investment positions
  • All types of truly opportunistic, ±$50MM real estate investment properties, including:
      • Broken hotels for conversion to senior housing
      • +$50 million apartment communities
      • ±$500 million apartment or seniors portfolios.

We accommodate sellers seeking to do 1031 property exchanges, as well as protect finders and brokers in “off market” transactions.

We have closed on property and nonperforming loan (NPL) acquisitions in as little as four days.

For further information, please contact:

Max David Gonzales
Managing Director of Acquisitions
Tom Cabibi
Director of Apartment Acquisitions
Aaron Sagin
Acquisitions and Development Manager
Noah Drever
Senior Managing Director